Fairplay’s Josh Golin on CSPAN’s Washington Journal

On February 17, our executive director, Josh Golin, joined Bill Scanlon on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to talk about efforts to protect kids online following his testimony to Congress earlier that week.

Throughout the interview, Josh responded to questions from concerned parents and family members across the country on topics such as cyberbullying, surveillance, and schools. He noted that expecting parents to just say “no” to technology doesn’t work and that we need policies that include a duty of care to help both kids and families stay safe online.

You can watch the full clip here. Check out the videos below to watch some highlights from Josh’s appearance on CSPAN Washington Journal.

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On cyberbullying and quantified popularity

On what drives Fairplay's work

On how children & teen use tech

On why just saying "no" to tech doesn't work

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