Fairplay is standing up for kids.

We are a truly independent voice standing up for what kids and families really need. Together, we’ll create a world where kids can be kids, free from the false promises of marketers and the manipulations of Big Tech.

What is a Childhood Beyond Brands?

A childhood beyond brands is shaped by children’s needs to play, imagine, and learn freely – not by corporations’ bottom lines.

Help us pass KOSA!

The Kids Online Safety Act is an urgent bill that will protect kids from online harms like cyberbullying, sextortion and suicide. Too many families have already suffered. Too many children have already died. We need KOSA now.

Tell Congress to pass the bill!

How 20 families are turning their pain into action

Fairplay and David’s Legacy Foundation created the initiative Parents for Safe Online Spaces, sharing the stories of families who lost their children to the most insidious social media harms perpetuated by Big Tech’s algorithms. Refusing the let any other families experience this devastating loss, these parents have forged together, urging lawmakers to pass KOSA— a bill that would make tech companies change their platforms and literally save kids’ lives.