Kia Ansine
Communications and Development Coordinator

Kia is passionate about prioritizing the rights and protections of children especially within the modern digital landscape that treats them as an afterthought. Before joining Fairplay, Kia coordinated wellness-oriented projects and campaigns for the Rutgers University Honors College community, and she worked in the medical field. Her work focused on hosting events, curating infographics, and mobilizing digital campaigns that would allow her community to take advantage of and readily navigate the wellness resources available to them.

Outside of work, Kia’s hobbies include drawing, kickboxing, and cooking for her family and friends.

Rachel Franz
Education Manager

Rachel is an advocate for young children, with a deep commitment to helping children and families find meaningful connections in a media-heavy world. Rachel earned a B.A. with honors in Environmental Studies, where she published her innovative research on picture books as a tool for consumerism education, and received an M.Ed in Early Childhood Education from Champlain College, focusing on nurturing preschoolers’ self-control in an “instant gratification society.” Rachel has worked as a founding Director and Lead Teacher at the nation’s largest all-outdoor preschool, and is a founding member of the NAEYC Young Professionals Advisory Council.

Sam Garin
Communications and Operations Manager

Sam is a firm believer in the power of kids’ unfettered imagination and grassroots community action in reclaiming childhood from corporate marketers. She directs Fairplay’s communications strategy, focusing on the organization’s corporate campaigns. Prior to joining Fairplay, she taught English and civics to members of Boston Local 26. Sam studied online volunteer communities and the politics of European migration at Harvard University, where she graduated with a BA in Social Studies. She lives in the Detroit area with her partner, Nora, and their rescues Mia and Kiwi.

Josh Golin
Executive Director

Josh started at Fairplay as an intern in 2003 and has been with the organization ever since. He succeeded Founder Dr. Susan Linn as Executive Director in 2015.  Josh is passionate about creating a safer, less addictive internet for children where young people’s needs come before advertisers’ and big tech’s profits. Josh regularly speaks to parents, professionals, journalists, and policymakers about how to create a healthier media environment for children and teens. He lives in Vermont with his wife Jennifer, his 14-year-old daughter Clara, and their hound Jolene.

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Amy Hendershot
Director of Operations
Amy is dedicated to equity, access and social justice especially when it comes to technology. She believes that everyone should have equitable access to becoming creators instead of consumers or targets of predatory practices that have grown with the influence of digital society in our everyday lives. Amy brings over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit and education space to Fairplay. She has earned her Associates of Science from Triton College, Bachelor of Arts from DePaul University, Chicago and Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia School of Social Work with a focus on Management and Social Enterprise Administration.
Haley Hinkle
Policy Counsel

As policy counsel, Haley is focused on Fairplay’s work advocating for laws and regulations that protect children and teens’ autonomy and safety online. Before joining Fairplay, Haley clerked for the Hon. Robert L. Miller, Jr. in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana. During law school, Haley worked on issues at the intersection of government surveillance technology and civil liberties. Haley studied law at Indiana University – Bloomington and journalism and political science at Northwestern University. She lives in Washington, DC, with her partner, Isaac, and their very spoiled cat, Cammie.

David Monahan
Campaign Director
David plans and implements Fairplay’s campaigns, and builds partnerships with advocacy groups and policymakers. David was an Assistant Attorney General in the Consumer Protection Division of the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General for 15 years, including six years as Deputy Division Chief. He sits on the Board of Directors at Northeast Legal Aid, which serves low income and elderly individuals and families in and around Lawrence, Lowell, and Lynn, Massachusetts. David is grounded by time with family—his wife Lindsey, 11-year-old Lillian, 4-year-old George, and Beatrice, who is nearing 100 in dog years and still the fastest hiker in the family.
Lauren Paer
Action Network Project Manager

Lauren is passionate about helping families raise healthy children in our screen-saturated society. As the Work Groups Coordinator for the Children’s Screen Time Action Network, she supports the heart of the Network, its Work Groups, as they advance impactful initiatives. Before joining Fairplay, she worked on screen time legislation and hosted the show, Screen Time Reset. Lauren studied economics at the University of Pennsylvania and worked on Wall Street in a previous life. She now lives in her hometown, Honolulu, where she enjoys hiking, boogie-boarding and spending time with friends and family.

Jean Rogers
Director, Screen Time Action Network

Jean heads the Screen Time Action Network, using screen time research to help parents and professionals reduce children’s screen time and promote creative play. Previously, Jean worked as a writer and communications consultant both in high tech and nonprofit settings. She holds a Master’s in Education and a Certificate in Parenting Education from Wheelock College. She lives in Amherst, NH, with her husband Jim, and various combinations of their five children who come home from college and career.

Bzu Shiferaw
Campaign Organizer

Bzu is a believer that childhood should be a time composed of human connection and a natural curiosity for the world, without the heavy influence of a digital society. She is a passionate advocate for youth and is inspired to uplift young people to have the freedom of maintaining their own creativity and interests. Before joining Fairplay as the Campaign Organizer, she studied journalism and political science at Boston University. She has volunteered in various youth based services, like running a summer camp for kids in Belize and as a peer mentor in Boston Public Schools.

In her free time she enjoys baking and creating homemade skin care products.

Natasha Wade
Action Network Administrative Coordinator

Natasha is passionate about empowering families through education and creating support systems to assist them. With a background in healthcare education, Natasha has worked to improve the lives of children and their families for many years. Prior to joining Fairplay, she earned her B.S. in Nursing and worked as a Registered Nurse with a focus on family services. Meeting families wherever they are within their own wellness journeys is a priority and privilege for her. Outside of work, she has volunteered her time to several youth based sports and health initiatives and enjoys spending time with her close-knit family.