‘Good Morning America,’ New York Times spotlight survivor parents

Fairplay’s amazing survivor parents are getting the national spotlight they deserve. 

ParentsSOS, a network of survivor families that Fairplay co-founded with David’s Legacy Foundation, has recently been featured in America’s newspaper of record, on the top-rated morning news show, and on a giant billboard in Times Square. The group consists of about 20 parents whose children died because of online harms like cyberbullying and sexual exploitation.

Over Father’s Day, ParentsSOS members Todd and Mia Minor appeared in ads calling for the Senate to vote on the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), a bill that will save children’s lives by eliminating online platforms’ addictive design features and exploitative business model

The most prominent of these ads was on a billboard in Times Square, right in the heart of Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer’s home city.

That billboard was featured in a New York Times story that ran at the top of the Times’ website on June 22 and appeared in print a few days later. The article features powerful photos of the ParentsSOS families at home and on Capitol Hill, shares their stories of loss, and showcases their tireless advocacy for KOSA, a bill they say could have saved their children’s lives.

Several of these parents also appeared on Good Morning America last week, bringing even more attention to their cause and to the urgent need to pass KOSA.

These parents have suffered some of the worst pain imaginable, yet they are determined to make sure no one else has to experience what they’ve been through. Thanks to them, KOSA has a chance to become the first new law to protect children online in 25 years.