May 23, 2022. Josh Golin statement regarding California Age Appropriate Design Code

Contact:  David Monahan, Fairplay [email protected]

Josh Golin statement regarding California Age Appropriate Design Code

BOSTON – Monday, May 23, 2022 – “Fairplay is proud to support the California Age Appropriate Design Code. This law would be an essential step forward in the effort to protect young people on the internet as they learn, connect, and express themselves in the digital world. 

For far too long, Big Tech has relied on extracting sensitive personal data, attention, and time from users with little thought as to how such an exploitative approach affects young people’s safety and wellbeing. Scandal after scandal at companies like Meta and TikTok have illustrated that Big Tech’s business model is fundamentally opposed to the wellbeing of kids and teens. From Instagram algorithmically pushing pro-eating disorder content to children, to the proliferation of dangerous fentanyl-tainted drugs on Snapchat and TikTok, tech companies continue to fail our children. With the growing mental health crisis among young people, Big Tech’s exploitative relationship to kids and teens demands urgent action.

California lawmakers have the chance to reshape the internet into a better, more supportive, less predatory environment for two million kids – 10% of all children in the United States. Rather than playing whack-a-mole with a seemingly endless list of platform-enabled harms, the Age Appropriate Design Code will require Big Tech to make the wellbeing of young people a primary design consideration. We urge the California Assembly to stand up for kids and pass the Age Appropriate Design Code.” Josh Golin, Executive Director, Fairplay, regarding California’s Age Appropriate Design Code bill