Screen-Free Week

Screen-Free Week is our invitation to play, explore, and rediscover the joys of life beyond ad-supported screens! Celebrated every spring by thousands of families, schools, and communities across the world, Screen-Free Week is an opportunity to experience what commercial-free time and space feels like.

How do I celebrate Screen-Free Week?

Participants pledge to replace screen-based entertainment with offline activities and downtime. It’s a chance to see that a different way of interacting with technology isn’t just possible – it’s also restorative, fun, and even life-changing!

Screen-Free Week isn’t about what you give up. It’s about what you get! An hour once dedicated to YouTube becomes an hour spent outside; ten minutes wiled away on social media turn into ten minutes spent doodling; a video game on a rainy afternoon is transformed into hours reading, chatting, or playing pretend.

Screen-Free Week 2024 is a celebration for schools, families, and even businesses across the globe to celebrate any time, anywhere, and any way that best suits them!

Happy unplugging!

Lillian, age 7

Screen-Free Week is a good time to go outside, walk in the park, and pick up trash. If we take care of the world, the world will take care of us.

2019 Screen-Free Week participant

Screen-Free Week helped to bring my family closer and challenged me to be a more intentional mom.

2013 Screen-Free Week participant

My favorite screen-free moment was when one night, my two children (ages 6 and 9) spontaneously decided to do a giant painting outside…they splattered and whacked – very Jackson Pollock-like

Emily Caldwell, first grade teacher

A lot of my students were surprised by how much they could do! Their social skills increased noticeably. I found kids interacting more with each other and saying ‘That’s a great idea,’ or ‘I did that, too!’ It’s a big change from young kids who spend a lot of time with screens and don’t know how to talk or act around one another