Announcing the Children’s Screen Time Action Network

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest initiative: The Children’s Screen Time Action Network!

We know that far too many kids are spending far too much time with digital devices, and that excessive screen time undermines children’s wellbeing and exposes them to harmful marketing. We’ve heard from countless teachers, pediatricians, librarians, psychologists, early childhood professionals, and other practitioners who see every day how screens are interfering with kids’ healthy development. They’re ready to move beyond diagnosing the problem and start working together to create solutions.

We built the Children’s Screen Time Action Network with and for these professionals. Guided by an Advisory Board of child development experts, Network members will share resources and best practices, engage in professional development, and strategize together on how to best communicate with families. 

If you work with children and families and believe that reducing kids’ screen time is both necessary and possible, the Action Network is for you. And if you don’t work professionally with children but still want to help others unplug, you can join too. Membership is free. 

A simple way to improve kids’ wellbeing and shield them from commercialism is to reduce the amount of time they spend with screens. But “simple” doesn’t mean “easy.” Technology is designed to keep us using it, and Silicon Valley has done a great job of making parents and educators feel like kids need new digital devices.

With the Action Network, professionals and educators can counter the hype and focus on what children really need: creative and active play and face-to-face time with peers and trusted adults. Our online resource library is full of handouts and other tools to share with families. And on April 20 and 21, 2018, we’ll gather in Boston for the first-ever national conference dedicated to reducing the amount of time kids spend with screens. 

We are proud and excited to convene this group of dedicated, passionate practitioners and experts. We hope that you’ll join us and become a member today.