Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy

This is the student privacy tool kit that I believe every parent, school administrator, and lawmaker should read. Why? Because it’s well written and created by parents for parents. It doesn’t have a hidden agenda because no edtech dollars were used to influence or fund the effort, so you know you can trust it.”
Bradley Shear, attorney & privacy expert


Inside the toolkit, you’ll find:

  • An overview of the federal laws that govern student data privacy;
  • Tips and resources for protecting your child’s privacy at school and at home;
  • Questions to ask districts, principals, and teachers about student privacy;
  • Suggestions for parent advocacy and organizing;
  • A guide to understanding privacy policies;
  • Sample opt-out forms and letters to share with your district;
  • and more!
Download the toolkit now in English or Spanish — it’s free! 
Cover of the Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy

What is student data, anyway?

To fully understand the types and amount of personal information a student generates in today’s digital world, and how it’s used and shared, let’s examine the life of a fictitious child named Tommy and his journey through a data- and technology-driven school experience: