Is it Video Game Addiction or Not? Navigating Summer with Children during COVID-19

Ideally, summer is all about outdoor recreation and screen-free fun. But with cancelled camps and parents working during the summer of COVID-19, many children will be left to their own devices…literally!

With their friends online, parents struggle with how much screen time and video gaming is too much. On top of that, gaming can create serious problems, from increased power struggles between kids and parents, to serious mental health issues. How can parents and caregivers know when a convenient distraction becomes a serious problem for their family?

In this webinar, Jean Rogers and mental health experts Dr. Hilarie Cash, Tracy Markle, LPC, and Dr. Brett Kennedy discuss digital media overuse in a time when much of kids’ lives have been forced online.

Dr. Hilarie Cash, a leading expert in the field of internet and video game addiction, is co-founder of reSTART Life, the first residential program in the United States and Canada designed for adults and adolescents who experience addiction to the internet and video games. Tracy Markle, MA, LPC, is the founder and co-director of the Digital Media Treatment & Education Center (dTEC), which provides psychotherapy services to individuals of all ages and their families who are impacted by the effects of digital media overuse. Dr. Brett Kennedy, co-director of dTEC, works with adolescents and adults struggling with digital media overuse and “addiction” to gaming, social media, and information overload, by advocating a philosophy of mindfulness and balance in our relationship with technology.