Introducing Safe, Secure & Smart: Online Videos

Our latest resource for parents navigating the digital world with their preschooler.

We at CCFC know that less tech and more hands-on, active, and creative play is most beneficial to young children. But we also know that no tech, never, is not a realistic solution for most families. That’s why we created Safe, Secure, & Smart to help you select the right media for your child – and today, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest installment: Online Videos.

Online video platforms like YouTube are among the most popular sites for children, yet most of those platforms consistently lack high quality, safe content for preschoolers. With so much inappropriate content easily at their fingertips, it can be hard to know what to look for and what options are available for keeping your child safe.

Our Online Videos guide includes everything you need to know about using platforms like YouTube with preschoolers in mind. From deciding what platform to use, to customizing settings to minimize disruptive advertisements, to choosing age-appropriate video content – such as slow paced videos with prosocial characters – this guide will help you ensure using online videos to best serve your child.

Interested in more advice when it comes to choosing media? Check out our first guide on kids’ apps here, and keep an eye out for our final guide to internet connected toys and devices in June. Stay tuned!