You did it! Hello Barbie is a flop.

Great news! Bloomberg News reports that sales of Mattel’s Hello Barbie are extremely weak. Together, we convinced parents to leave the creepy, eavesdropping doll on the shelf!

Long before the doll’s release, CCFC publicized how Hello Barbie would threaten children’s privacy, creativity, and wellbeing. Nearly 45,000 people signed our petitions urging Mattel not to release the doll that records and analyzes children’s conversations, and our concerns were featured in media outlets around the world, including the Washington Post and Fox News.

In November, just before the doll hit stores, we enlisted experts to help us tell parents exactly why Hello Barbie is bad for children. Our Hell No Barbie: 8 reasons to leave Hello Barbie on the Shelf was shared far and wide on social media and inspired a fresh wave of media attention, including The Today Show

After Hello Barbie was released, CCFC’s members gave the doll a dubious distinction: By a landslide, they voted Hello Barbie the 2015 TOADY Award winner for Worst Toy of the Year! That meant even more bad press for the doll, which was now synonymous with the word “creepy.” 

Bloomberg reports Hello Barbie has been “for the most part…a dud,” and a majority of reviewers on Amazon rated the doll only one star out of five. Mattel only shipped 10,000 units of Hello Barbie, compared to the typical 250,000 units for a hit toy. That’s a remarkable downgrade for a toy widely predicted to be the hot toy of the holiday season. 

Up against the resources of Mattel’s marketing machine, our collective voices educated the world about Hello Barbie and protected countless children. We also sent a strong message to other toy manufacturers who may be considering copycat toys: spying doesn’t pay. 

Thanks for all you did!