Dear Parents: Messages from Tech-Wise Teens

When it comes to screens and teens, it can feel like a battle. You’ve read the books. You’ve scoured the data. So, what’s left?

How about asking the teens themselves?

Moderated by digital wellness ambassador Aliza Kopans and author Amy Crouch, our young adult leaders offer a fresh perspective: one backed by their personal experiences as youth growing up in a digital age. Featured guest Max Stossel from Center for Humane Technology will share insights with our teen panel and they, in turn, will share insights with our audience. Discover how teens really feel about social media, phone use, and screen time. Parents and teens will come away with new strategies for having productive, meaningful conversations around tech.

Parents: What you’ve always wanted to ask your teens, but haven’t had the courage.
Teens: Your chance to identify with the speakers and learn how to get your opinion heard.