Sneak Peek! Our New Early Childhood Screen Aware Resource

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Week of the Young Child, the Early Childhood Work Group of Fairplay’s Screen Time Action Network is excited to release a sneak peek of their forthcoming Screen Aware Action Kit. The full kit is a series of printable resources for families and educators who are looking for clear, concise, and actionable information to help them navigate a screen-heavy world with littles. 

The full kit, which includes beautiful, printable fact and activity sheets on the following topics: child development, home environment, school environment, media literacy, advertising/technopherence, nature/outdoor play and relationships, will be released later this year. 

This week, we’re releasing the first fact sheet on early learning and development as our sneak peak. Please feel free to share this resource and if you want to be notified when the full kit is ready, email [email protected] with the subject line “Screen Aware Action Kit.. 

We hope you’re able to carve out some extra time this week for hands-on play with a young child (or children) in your life and to nurture your inner child.