Technologies change. Children’s developmental needs do not.

Our Screen Aware Early Childhood Action Kit provides:

  • Guidance for prioritizing healthy child development in a screen saturated world
  • Strategies for managing screen use (for children and adults)
  • Research-based information on impacts of screen technologies
  • Resources for promoting screen awareness at home and in the classroom

The Action Kit was created in response to feedback from practitioners seeking research-based education and advocacy materials that are easy to use and distribute. This collection of free, downloadable resources answers that call! We hope our Action Kit serves as a practical and helpful tool to support children, families, and classroom communities. We would love your feedback!

To download the entire Action Kit, click here.

Printable, research-based guidance on why and how to be screen aware with young children.

To download the entire Action Kit, click here.
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Prioritizing the needs of young children
Why be screen aware?
Managing technology for healthy relationships
Limiting the impact of commercial influences on children
The many benefits of green time versus screen time
Screen aware practices for home settings
Screen aware practices for early childhood classrooms
Privacy priorities for home settings
Advocating for privacy policies and practices
Protecting the privacy rights of children, families, and staff

Ready-to-print posters to encourage screen awareness at school and at home.

Download our adaptable letter templates to advocate for screen awareness in home and classroom settings – feel free to edit them as you see fit!

Help spread screen awareness! Share with early childhood centers, libraries, pediatricians and other health professionals, places of worship, community organizations, friends, family, and others.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the development and launch of the Action Kit!

Special appreciation to: Pat Cantor, Kailan Carr, Lisa Cline, Jordan Ebanaya, Rachel Franz, Josh Golin, Mindy Holohan, Marisa Kirk-Epstein, Susan Linn, Alyssa Loberti, Cheryl Mahoney, Ahmed Moor, Penny Marenge, Erika Mori, Lauren Paer, Sveta Pais, Helena Pylvainen, Tricia Platt, Heather Ristau, Jean Rogers, Jean Rystrom, Gretchen Shanahan, and Hillary Wilkinson

The Screen Aware Early Childhood Action Kit was brought to you by Fairplay’s Screen Time Action Network. Our Screen Time Action Network is a coalition of practitioners, educators, advocates, and parents working to promote a healthy childhood by reducing the amount of time kids spend with digital devices. Membership to our network is free. Join today to become a part of our community!